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Learning Design Blueprint   1. Description   What is programming? Programming is writing programs. Programming is the process of writing out the flow of doing something that originally exists in the brain and the process of visualizing the original abstract… Continue Reading →

Peer Review for Pod 11

Here is the link of Pod 11’s learning resources: Overview: I think Pod 11 has a really good idea, which they want to teach college students to speak Mandarin.  Nowadays, there are more and more people choose to learn Mandarin… Continue Reading →

[Prompt IV] Interaction

  Our group is going to teach k-12 students to write code in Java. I found a video from YouTube, it talks about what is coding. It is a good video that explains how code works and why we need… Continue Reading →

[PROMPT III] Inclusive Design

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash Our group is going to teach K-12 students to write code. One of our activities is going to ask students to write a simple code and complete a task. We haven’t decided which programming language we are… Continue Reading →

Inquiry-based learning

When we use Inquiry-based learning, the teacher acts as a facilitator rather than a purveyor of information (Fertig, 2013). When people really want to learn one skill, they cannot just read the textbook or watch others doing it without doing… Continue Reading →

Learning, Motivation & Theory

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash Share a story about your best learning experience (could be a formal course or something more personal). Why did you enjoy it? My best learning experience has to be the last semester when I took EDCI 208… Continue Reading →


Hello everyone, my name is Xinran. I am a fourth-year student at  UVic and my major is computer science. I hope I can learn more things about designing from this course.

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