Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Share a story about your best learning experience (could be a formal course or something more personal). Why did you enjoy it?

My best learning experience has to be the last semester when I took EDCI 208 which is Studio Piano Class I. I like singing and I always think it is cool to be able to sing on the piano by myself. Thus, I have been thinking about registering EDCI 208 a few times. Last semester was not the first time I tried to take that course. The first time I wanted to take that course I was on the waiting list, and I couldn’t get in. However, I was able to have a few classes.  I have to say, playing the piano is not that easy as think. The first time I touched it, I couldn’t control my both hands well at the same time. Therefore when I was able to register EDCI 208, I was afraid I couldn’t do well. Nevertheless, the result was the opposite. I got A+ for it.

When I was preparing for the first playing test, It was exactly what I expected at first. It was still hard for me. I was able to play each hand separately but when I tried to play them at the same time, it was quite difficult. I had no piano of my own, I had to practice at school. Also, I only booked a practice room for three hours. I was a little disappointed and irritable in myself. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough time to practice all the songs. However, as time goes by, I became familiar with all the pieces. I even recorded myself and showed to my mother. she was also learning how to play the piano. When she watched my video, she was surprised. She couldn’t believe I could play that well in such a short time. After the performance, when I saw my marks, I couldn’t believe myself, I got 90% on that performance. After that, I realize there is nothing I am not able to do it well, as long as I spend enough time and pay attention. For the rest of the term, I was always happy to practice and it turned out I never let myself down. 

Caroline also had some kind of same experience. She thought language lessons could be boring but once she really got into it, she had a totally different feeling. My story shows that when we feel something is hard or don’t even want to do it, just convince yourself to try harder or give it a try. You can achieve a result that you were never expected.

Thanks for reading my prompt,